'Losing my legs changed my life for the better'

I think to myself, "you're not taking this away from me too". I channel that anger into making me run faster. He only served 13 months in prison and has never shown any real remorse, but I try not to think about him apart from that. It's a waste of energy and I try my best to stay positive.

Before the marathon, I decided to climb Snowdon and I scrambled up using my hands. When I got to the top, I had a cry and let all the emotion out. When I got to the bottom,

'I was mutilated at 16 but I won't let it define me'

I felt betrayed by my grandmother. She was the only person I loved and she had let this happen to me. I was made to lay down on the floor for a couple of hours for my bleeding to stop. I would have taken my own life if I had been left alone. After two days of being in that house, my grandmother took me to where she lived and I stayed there for some time, experiencing infections and multiple health concerns because of the cutting.

At the end of the

'Finding out I was autistic saved my life'

When I was 13, I had my first panic attack on a school trip. This was the start of panic consuming me. I had been anxious for a while, but until this point, I had done a good job of hiding it. I had tried so hard to fit in, pretending to be like everyone else, but my brain couldn't do it anymore. Almost overnight I changed from a child who teachers loved having in the classroom, to a child teachers had to battle with just to sit in class.

'I thought I'd never get to have a Mother's Day'

"This is my first Mother's Day with him, I am so excited. It is something that I thought would never happen for me," said Mrs Guyan, who lives in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire.

"My stomach was so inflamed that I looked six months pregnant on some days, which was even more traumatic because I couldn't seem to fall pregnant. One of my neighbours congratulated me because she saw my bump, which was very upsetting," she said.

She and her husband Alex spent several years trying for a baby after they got

Paramedic let down by mental health services, mum says

"Her GP then also threw her out because she was moving," her mother said. "There was a real lack of support from the start of her diagnosis, despite Rebecca desperately trying to access it.

At times the support was so bad that she took it upon herself to increase her own medication when she was struggling, her mother said, because she could not get advice.

"Rebecca was desperate not to go on that drug, she was worried it would change her whole personality, but she was told it was that or nothi

Government school attendance campaign criticised by parents

"Parents can struggle to get their children to school for many valid reasons. This campaign comes across as very patronising and ableist and I think the money could have been spent on much better things to support children to get back in school," she added.

"I think that it will be the biggest single issue, outside outcomes, that schools and heads will be worrying about when Ofsted starts again. If you are not issuing loads of fines then you will be downgraded as that seems to be the only appro

'I was a gambling addict who stole £1.3m and went to prison'

'I spent my way through all the money we had'

I was chasing losses which you know you shouldn't do. But when you're in that moment, you do it anyway. That was around 2007. My family then became aware of the problem. My partner and I were buying our first home but I had gambled away the deposit. My parents helped me and I promised never to gamble again. I went seven years from then without having a bet, not even buying a lottery ticket.

By now I was betting on anything that I could, from the nu

Vogue model Ellie Goldstein: 'Doctors said I wouldn't walk or talk'

Ellie recently bought her own home with the proceeds from her modelling but we don't know if she will ever be able to live alone. We are living alongside her for now, though we have kept our family home, and we are trying to encourage her to be more independent but she is still very vulnerable.

When I did the Vogue shoot, I didn't know if my photo was going to be on the cover. My favourite teachers were there when I found out, I was at college, and I was crying and screaming. My friends said "w

Heartstopper's Bel Priestley: 'I want to be a role model for other trans people'

'I have been bullied my whole life'

'I couldn't find anyone similar to me online'

'I want to play roles that get people talking'

Filming Heartstopper was one of the best experiences of my life. I feel so beyond lucky. I would like to have surgery one day to complete my transition, but I'm not in a rush. It is a huge operation and I am lucky in that I don't feel incredibly dysphoric - I can accept and live with my body as it is for now. For a lot of people, the surgery is the starting point fo

Scientists make pregnancy sickness cure breakthrough

"I had a real sense of an inability to exist, I couldn't be around my family," she said. "I considered not carrying on my pregnancies because it was so terrible and that is really common when you have HG.

The new research, published in Nature and involving scientists at the University of Cambridge and researchers in Scotland, the USA and Sri Lanka, found that the degree of sickness was related to the amount of hormone produced in the womb - and prior exposure.

They studied women at the Rosie M

Teen artist who raised £250k for charity dies aged 15

Noah, who lived in Dedham, Essex, first collaborated with artists across the world for a painting project three years ago and raised money for the NHS hospital that treated him.

"It has been extremely special sharing our little legend with you all," said Mr Jones, writing on Facebook.

"You've all helped produce so many special moments and memories over the last three years. Moments we will cherish forever.

"He had a blast, made his mark and we are so proud of him."

He started painting on car
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