Charlie Mackesy: 'I was hiding in the toilet before I won my Oscar'

"I was overwhelmed. I would get letters from school children, from prisons and from doctors and nurses who are just so brave and they said the book was helping them through the pandemic. I keep them all in a file. I still look at them at night. Book sales are not important to me, but these letters mean everything."

"I had someone come up to me and say, 'I just want you to know that I decided to stay, I'm still here today because of this book'. Someone else told me I have given people licence to

Mum paints stretch marks on Barbie for daughter

A mother who developed stretch marks while pregnant has painted some on her daughter's Barbie "so she can grow up knowing they are normal".

Her daughter, now three, is a fan of Barbies but Mrs Claxton could not find any she felt represented her own body.

"I would love the manufacturers to make some Barbies with stretch marks to spread the message that they are nothing to worry about."

The 35-year-old had already bought her daughter a diverse range of the dolls, including one with a prosthetic

Cancer patients welcome NHS drug policy change

Before the rule change, if a patient took a treatment break for longer than six weeks they would have to reapply for NHS funding, with no guarantee it would be approved.

Mr Marsland, who has incurable cancer, needed to pause his treatment for a hernia operation last year. He had to take a shorter break due to the policy and was left worrying he might have to fund cetuximab himself in the future.

The father-of-two, who works as a principal technologist for BT, has been through 93 rounds of chem

Mortgage crisis: 'We can't pay an extra £1,400 a month'

"My husband and I both work and luckily we've got savings but we're going to have to really cut back and be really cautious. We just don't know when things are going to get better and we might have to consider selling our house in the future," she says.

"I got a letter saying my mortgage was going up from £289 to £1,150 a month," she says. "Now my mum is having to sell her house too and we are hoping to buy a house together in Norfolk because we can't afford anything in Hertfordshire.

"We don'

Instagram hackers defeated by kindness, businesswoman says

A woman who lost her Instagram account after being hacked said she was "so grateful" to thousands of strangers who have saved her small business.

"It has changed my life. It has kept my business going. It just goes to show that kindness can conquer all."

She launched her business Rose and Guy eight years ago and gradually built up followers, with 95% of her business coming through the social media site.

When hackers took over her account, she refused to give in to their demands for money and

Flesh-eating bug nearly kills new mum

After a scan revealed pockets of gas underneath her tissue, they realised it could be necrotising fasciitis. Doctors said she needed immediate surgery to remove a large amount of dead tissue to stop the flesh-eating bacteria from spreading.

Miss Chatterton was kept sedated for three days and woke up to two large wounds on her stomach, which had to left open for six days to help her body recover until they were able to fit a vacuum pump.

"I'm still finding it quite difficult psychologically, bu

Hundreds take to the water for clean river campaign

The S.W.I.M (Safe Water in Manningtree) team has to count the number of people who use the water on 20 different days over the summer to prove it is a popular bathing spot.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs considers how many people bath there, whether the site has suitable facilities and where investment would have the most impact when making its decision.

Manningtree Beach is impacted by three sewer storm overflows which spill into the Stour, but only one has been monito
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