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I have been a journalist for 17 years, the last 13 of which have been at the BBC. The Guardian Media Group sponsored me to study for a masters in print journalism at City University and after graduating I worked as a multimedia journalist at The Press Association (PA) in London and Manchester. After leaving PA to join the BBC, I worked for Newsround, BBC Breakfast and the Six and Ten O'Clock News before I started my current role as a senior journalist and team manager for the BBC website. I write online news and feature articles and also work as a news editor, sub editor and line manager. I was also a lecturer in journalism at the University of Essex until recently.

I live on the Essex/Suffolk border with my husband, two young children, a dog and chickens. I enjoy wild swimming, paddleboarding and singing in a community choir. I have run the London marathon twice, most recently in 2021. I volunteer as a helper at my local Rainbows/Brownies group and work part-time as a support worker for people with Down's syndrome through the charity Project 21.


Explore a selection of my writing work below.

Charlie Mackesy: 'I was hiding in the toilet before I won my Oscar'

"I was overwhelmed. I would get letters from school children, from prisons and from doctors and nurses who are just so brave and they said the book was helping them through the pandemic. I keep them all in a file. I still look at them at night. Book sales are not important to me, but these letters mean everything."

"I had someone come up to me and say, 'I just want you to know that I decided to stay, I'm still here today because of this book'. Someone else told me I have given people licence to

Mortgage crisis: 'We can't pay an extra £1,400 a month'

"My husband and I both work and luckily we've got savings but we're going to have to really cut back and be really cautious. We just don't know when things are going to get better and we might have to consider selling our house in the future," she says.

"I got a letter saying my mortgage was going up from £289 to £1,150 a month," she says. "Now my mum is having to sell her house too and we are hoping to buy a house together in Norfolk because we can't afford anything in Hertfordshire.

"We don'

Instagram hackers defeated by kindness, businesswoman says

A woman who lost her Instagram account after being hacked said she was "so grateful" to thousands of strangers who have saved her small business.

"It has changed my life. It has kept my business going. It just goes to show that kindness can conquer all."

She launched her business Rose and Guy eight years ago and gradually built up followers, with 95% of her business coming through the social media site.

When hackers took over her account, she refused to give in to their demands for money and
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